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how to set up your tomtom bracelet

How to Connect TomTom band to phone?

On your Android™ device, Tap band on the Activate your Device page. Your Android™ device shows Searching . When the name of your fitness tracker appears in the list on the Searching screen, tap on it and accept the request to pair. In the Sports mobile app, enter the PIN code shown on your fitness tracker.Pairing your TomTom Touch fitness tracker to your Android ...În cache

How do I setup my TomTom Touch?

To get started with your TomTom Touch, download and install TomTom Sports Connect on your computer. Download and install TomTom Sports Connect on your computer. To connect your fitness tracker to your computer, firmly press the top part of the module until the module pops out of the strap.Get Started with TomTom Touch

How do you reset a TomTom Touch?

Android - In the Bluetooth Settings menu of your Android device, unpair or forget your TomTom Touch, iOS - Go to the iOS Bluetooth Settings screen, click the (i) icon after the TomTom Touch name and select Forget this Device.Performing a Reset - TomTom

Is the TomTom band waterproof?

Your Fitness Tracker and water The TomTom Touch Fitness Tracker complies with the IPx7 standard for waterproofing, meaning you can use it outdoors in the rain and wear it in the shower, but it should NOT be used for swimming.User Manual - TomTom Touch Fitness Tracker

Is TomTom spark waterproof?

TomTom GPS watches are water-resistant (5 ATM). You can swim with these watches. However, the built-in Heart Rate Monitor does not work under water. ... To calculate the distance you have swum and your speed, your watch uses the pool size and the number of turns you have made.Swimming with your watch - TomTom Support

Is TomTom touch waterproof?

Using The TomTom Touch For Swimming Although the Touch will stand up to a quick shower or a run in the rain, it's not waterproof enough to take into the pool.19 iun. 2017TomTom Touch Review: An Ambitious But Underwhelming Fitness Tracker